Affordable Maternity Denim Review

As we head toward the Fall and cooler temps it’s shorts and dresses every day probably aren’t going to cut it anymore.  I have such a hard time justifying spending a large amount on jeans that I will only wear for a few months.

I recently purchased maternity jeans to try and and review and compare.  I bought jeans from Motherhood, H&M, Old Navy, and Target.  All 4 pairs were under $50 and a skinny fit, medium to dark wash.

I am 5’2″ – 5’3″ and 130lbs and 28 weeks pregnant in these photos. Except for H&M because I forgot to take new photos, so I’m a few weeks less in those.

The verdicts:


$49.99 size XS.

These were cute on the hanger, and since this post took me a couple of weeks to complete I was able to try them on at 28 and 25 weeks and they definitely fit better at 28 weeks.  At 25 weeks they had a weird bunching or gaping at the hip.  It was still there at 28 weeks, but a lot less of it.  I have found this to be true of all Motherhood clothes.  They fit the best late in pregnancy.  These were okay, but overall not something to keep. I want to also note that these were ankle length with a zipper at the bottom so they were kind of awkward on my height.


49.99 Size 6

I have actually had these since my first pregnancy, and I like them a lot.  They don’t have a lot of stretch and run really small so you have to size up, but I like the style, light distressing, and they are pretty comfortable even without a whole lot of stretch.


$29.99 Size XS

The worst of the 4.  The band is a weird glossy material that doesn’t stretch at all and crosses in the back.  The butt was really saggy feeling and they just were not comfortable.

Old Navy

$40 Size 2

These were the winner! I love Old Navy jeans in general and their maternity did not disappoint.  They have enough stretch to be really comfortable and not have any weird gaping or too much sagging in the butt. (I think all maternity denim will have a saggy butt unless you’re paying for designer denim.) What’s also really cool about them is the belly band is sewn in below the waist band so you can still tuck in a shirt to the front!

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