28 Weeks

Third trimester already!! This little one will be here before we know it! We still have a whole nursery to clean and redecorate so we need to get our butts in gear!


Terrible picture quality here, but I had to share our mini me outfits for the short time he’ll let me do this!

How far: 28 weeks

Size: Eggplant

Feeling: Large. My belly is low, big and in my lap. Back pain, leg cramps, and insomnia are hitting me this time too. But I have been able to feel baby parts this week poking out at me which is so much fun! And distracting. Maybe you don’t want to fly these next three months. Kidding .

Craving: cereal. At least once a day. And veggie wraps.

This little one is facing the right direction already with his head down which Daniel was even able to feel at our last midwife appointment! I also passed the glucose screening even after I ate and apparently wasn’t supposed to.

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