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Essential Oil Pregnant Belly Serum

The inspiration for this serum came from Liz at Purejoyessentials and Pure Joy Home.  She has a face serum she shared that she calls a glow serum, and I have been using it on my face for a few months now and loving it.

I have had super dry skin this pregnancy, particularly my belly.  It has been dry, itchy, flaky, and almost painful.  I had tried multiple lotions, creams, and oils with nothing really working for me.  I had plenty of days where the stretch marks I got from my last pregnancy were all super red over my whole belly.

After nothing was helping, I decided to give my face serum a try on my belly and it worked! It was amazing at how much better my skin felt after just a few times using it.

So since this worked so well I decide to make another one specifically for my belly.  It’s pretty similar I just added some Gentle Baby for calming and connection with baby.

Be sure to check with your Dr or midwife about essential oil use during pregnancy and use your own discretion, not mine or anyone else on the internet!

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Belly Serum

In a 1 oz dropper bottle:

10 drops Lavender

10 drops Frankincense

10 drops Copaiba

10 drops gentle baby

Fill the rest with jojoba oil

I have been applying this morning and night, and while I don’t think it will really prevent stretch marks, hopefully it will at least provide my skin some soothing relief from all the stretching!


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