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Positivity in Motherhood

We all do it. Complain about things.  Find the bad in things.  When we’re having a rough day it’s kind of hard not to, right?  Motherhood is no cake walk.  There’s pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding, sleepless nights, tantrums, etc etc.  and the list goes on and on.  We sometimes lose ourselves and our minds, and turn to complaining and telling everyone else how hard everything is.

But what is this doing for us? Is it making anything easier?  Is it fixing our problems? I am totally guilty of this negativity sometimes.  I can find the bad things in a day and think about all of the ways something could go wrong.  And while I don’t think we should always shy away from hard moments or feelings, they definitely have no real use at the forefront of our minds and conversations.

Think about your last conversation with a mom friend.  Was it about how cute your kids are? About the fun things you did with them?  How great your husband is or how awesome it is that another friend was successful at something? OR was it a complaint about a tantrum, not picking up after themselves, or putting down another mom in some way or another? And the last blog post you read? Was is helpful and positive?

life is good

These complaints and negative thoughts have no business with us.  Make the change to think about the possibilities of life.  Pregnancy aches and pains are life growing inside you.  Long days at work are the home you live in, the food you and your family eat and the cute top you’re wearing.  Tantrums are part of figuring out life as a kid.  That mom who always gets it right and seems to have everything figured out?  She is now your inspiration.  I bet you she looks for the positive in things.

To find success we have to see it.  Not just want it, but believe it and SEE it.

When we can start to look for the positive and the possibilities, we also start to make them happen.  Life is so full of choices.

Choose today to thrive instead of just survive.

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