20 Weeks

It’s been forever since I’ve gotten an update done on here!  Between 6 day work weeks and pregnancy brain I just can’t seem to remember to take the picture!

20 weeks

How far: 20 weeks – halfway already!
Baby size: Banana or cantalope

Pregnancy symptoms: Back pain and round ligament pain are in full force already.  Carrying a one and a half year old around I’m sure isn’t helping, but there’s not much I can do there.  I actually just read on a pregnancy app that you shouldn’t lift more than 20 lbs while pregnant and then I deleted that app and stopped reading all that stuff because a free maid and nanny are not included with the pregnancy test.

Movement: Yes! Finally some kicks! These are by far the best part of being pregnant, and about the time I start to enjoy pregnancy

Appetite: Eating non stop except for when Elijah steals my food or runs off and I forget about my food which actually happens way too often.  Still only up 5 lbs though this time around.

Best moment of the week: Ultrasound! We got to see our sweet little baby’s face, fingers, and toes.  All healthy and measuring a week ahead!


Elijah was sleeping when we took the pic, so I included this one from a week or two ago of big bro and big sis!

elijah allie

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