1st Trimester – 1st pregnancy vs 2nd Pregnancy

With my pregnancies being pretty close together and nothing major changing for me(except the vegan diet and the little one) I think I thought they would be super similar, and in many ways they have been so far but there have also been some differences that I didn’t expect.

1st Pregnancy
14 weeks
2nd Pregnancy

Exhaustion has been so much more.  With pregnancy number 1 I got to come home from work and be pregnant.  Meaning take a nap, leisurely cook dinner  – or not.  If I didn’t want to cook we could just go out or go get something. Then go to bed and get 8 or 9 hours of sleep. This time around I get home from work and play with Elijah for a couple hours, make him dinner, more playing or going for a walk, putting him to bed, getting dishes or laundry done, maybe watching tv for a little bit and then going to bed to hope Elijah sleeps all night.  Also, my wake up time now has to account for getting Elijah ready too so that’s moved back a half hour to an hour or so, and on days when he doesn’t have to get ready he’s up at 5 am anyway.

Nausea.  With less sleep, rest, water, and food comes more nausea.  What immensely helped with this was ditching animal products.

12 weeks or 20 weeks?  This belly showed up almost instantly this time.  My pants are already not fitting and people ask me if  we know what were having yet like I’m far enough along to know that.

The gym/workouts.  So like I said above there is no rest with this pregnancy.  Which means my energy levels and motivation to get to the gym are just not there.  Plus, there’s no rest so it’s not like I’m not burning plenty of calories and staying plenty active anyway. The first time around I definitely slowed down a little, but we still made it a few times a week.  Hopefully we can turn this around just a bit in the second trimester.

The baby planning! I think I just about had Elijah’s nursery planned out and had visited baby stores, bought stuff, and had a Pinterest board.  This time around, I get my weekly updates in, we’ve talked briefly about a double jogger, and we switched providers to the birth center and that’s about it.  A lot of the times I forget I’m even pregnant.

No that I don’t value this pregnancy as much as my first, but there really has been a lot less put into it so far.  I’m sure as the belly grows and I start feeling kicks and all that it will become a lot more real, but right now I feel like we might be stopping for diapers on the way home from the birth center with this one!


1st Trimester 1st Pregnancy vs 2nd Pregnancy




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