12 Weeks

12 weeks

How far: 12 weeks
Baby’s Size: Size of a plum ( Daniel is the one who knows all of these by the way.)
How I’m Feeling: Tired, but it’s getting better
Cravings?: None. 
Aversions?: Coffee. 
Working out?: Just my 25 lb body weight
Favorite moment of the week: ABQ Mom’s Blog Bloom event. I have signed up to help with events and this one was great. A few really great speakers and prizes for new moms!
Maternity clothes?: Nope, just officially in the awkward stage where I mostly just look fat, not pregnant. 

12 weeks elijah


little ham

I had to include a few extra pictures this week.  Elijah literally pushed me out of the way so he could stand here and get his picture taken!

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