Laundry Tips

We only have one little boy and it already seems like laundry is never ending and always a chore!  I can’t imagine as he gets older and if we have more kids what it’s going to be like.  Anyway, I love to streamline things in life especially the chores and mundane things. The more I can streamline, the more time I have for other things in life like following Elijah back and forth across the house or back yard looking for ducks!  I am by no means a Mrs. Clean or laundry expert, but here are a few things that work for us!


Try to do laundry more than once a week.  One or two loads of laundry in an evening just feel way more manageable and less life consuming than five giant loads.  When we wait to do laundry I always find myself getting anxious having to wait for the dryer and spending all day folding.  One load is way less daunting.


laundry time longer

Use the smallest load possible or the express wash settings.  Unless something is really dirty, we wash all of our clothes on the express setting.  It cuts about minutes of washing time, and our clothes come out just as clean.  Also, less agitation, rinsing, etc. extends the life of your clothes!

Stains – rinse with cold water and dish or hand soap as soon as they happen.  This way there’s no need for harsh chemical stain remover spray or pre washing and waiting.  This works for most spills – you still may have to work at some stubborn ones.

Use a gentle detergent you feel good about.  We have used Tide Free and Clear since Elijah was born and have never had to wash his clothes sperarately. I have also used the Thieves detergent by Young Living and like that one as well.

laundry dryer balls

My Number 1 tip!  Wool dryer balls!  If you take away one thing from this post this should be it.  These have been life changing.  I bought some on a whim one day a Target and will never turn back!  They completely eliminate the use for fabric softener or dryer sheets AND our clothes are softer, dry faster, and have less static.  Fabric softener is so full of chemicals (I’m not totally natural, just like to try my best), leaves weird stains sometimes that don’t come out, and I hate the smell.  Plus, they are cheap! $10 for 6 and they will last 6 months to a year! How much fabric softener or dryer sheets would you buy in a year?

Anyway, hope my little list of tips helps in some way and let me know if you make the dryer ball switch and end up as excited as I am about them!

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