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18 Months

I officially have a one and a half year old. That’s so crazy to me. He is growing so fast and just learning and doing so much more every day. I wanted to do an 18 month update on the little man on here!

Weight: 25.5 lbs.

Size wearing: 18 months – 2T

Shoes: still between a 4 and a 5. Some little feet on this one. Cute toddler shoes start at size 5 so they need to start growing a little!

Saying: So much! Yes and no, mine, mama, dada(starting to understand that Daniel is dada not mama), duck, dog, Allie, shoes, outside, ball, please, cracker, car, chicken, almond milk, berry, bubbles, show, pa pa( paci),

Doing: Everything (except sleeping – we don’t do that around here)! He’s just about running, trying to master the stairs, loves to be outside ALL the time, loves to watch birds and his chickens, play blocks, re arrange everything, has the throwing arm of a ten year old.

Eating: Berries are still a favorite along with bananas. Since we’ve switched to a plant based diet we’ve had to find some new things for him to eat instead of just cheese and yogurt which I think is great. He loves veggie burgers, coconut yogurt, almond milk, peanut butter, and recently pineapple. I have also noticed him sampling more of the veggies on his plate since ditching the meat, dairy, and cheese.

What’s next? Outdoor play sets, swim lessons again, and maybe a beach trip this summer!

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