10 Weeks

10 weeks

How far: 10 weeks
Baby’s Size: Size of a strawberry
How I’m Feeling: Better. Nauseous here and there and still tired because I have the busiest 18 month old who doesn’t sleep, but overall better.
Cravings?: None.
Aversions?: Coffee.
Working out?: Lots of walks still.
Favorite moment of the week: Going to Dar a Luz birth center for an orientation. Their philosophy on pregnancy and birth is awesome, and the amount of support they provide is just as awesome.
Maternity clothes?: Not yet still, but I have started wearing my Bella Band and more recently, my Mae Band which is way better!  My pants all still close and I’ve gained no weight, but they are snug and sitting all day at work is pretty uncomfortable.

Midwife Visit: We had our first visit this week and it was great to see our midwife again. Even though we are switching practices because she has gone part time, we love her and it was great to get her support with everything.

10 weeks elijah


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