8 Weeks

8 weeks

How far: 8 weeks
Baby’s Size: Size of a raspberry
How I’m Feeling: Even more tired and still pretty nauseous. Elijah has not slept for like 3 weeks now unless he’s in our bed, so this is probably making it worse.
Cravings?: None.
Aversions?: Same as last week coffee, yogurt, sometimes everything.
Working out?: Lots of walks and one gym workout.  Still just so nauseous and Elijah is not sleeping at all!
Favorite moment of the week: Easter egg hunt with Elijah! We just did a little one in our backyard, and he did so much better than I expected him to! I loved watching him go all over the yard picking up eggs and proudly handing them off to me!
Maternity clothes?: Nope! But I think my options are going to change a lot quicker with this one, pants are already feeling sort of snug.



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