Simple Spring Home Updates

We spent the day outside and opened up the windows so it must be Spring!  I love seeing all of the trees get their leaves and pretty blossoms and the potential for life that Spring seems to bring.  With the added fresh air I always feel like my home needs a little updating and a little life brought into it, so I’ve put together a post with a few simple things you can do to make your house feel more like Spring without a whole remodel or anything.

One: Natural cleaning products.  As Spring is upon us and we all get the urge to clean and refresh everything to bring it all back to life it’s time to upgrade your cleaning products to a more natural version without all the toxins you’ll find in the big name cleaners.  Some great natural options are Thieves cleaners by Young Living(I actually saw something about these that said they got rid of more bacteria than Clorox! And you don’t have to clean after cleaning! If you want to buy these let me know and I can get you the wholesale price on the website.), Mrs. Myers, Seventh Generation, and a home made one that I like to use as well – Vinegar, a drop or two of a natural dish soap, and a few drops each of Purification and Lemon essential oils from Young Living.

img_0342Two: Plants! Last week I had the best night with some amazing ladies at Plant Nite!We made our own little hanging succulent terrariums and they came out so cute and add a much needed touch of life to the house.  I can’t wait to go out and get some more greenery for around here! Also, you can order flowers from Amazon! How awesome to have 30 tulips, hydrangeas, roses, or even carnations delivered right to your door to brighten a day. Click here for happiness delivered. 🙂

Three: Cute planters to put those plants in.  “>This planter from Amazon is so cute and only $14! These cuties are perfect for sprinkling succulents around or creating a plant filled table centerpiece and you get 6 of the for $13! This rectangle galvanized vase from the Hearth and Hand line would be soo pretty filled with hydrangeas!

Four: Organize and purge! Or purge and then organize I guess. Either way use those colder Spring days to go through your closet, pantry, kitchen, playrooms, everywhere and make some piles for throwing away, donating or selling. Once you’ve made room, find some cute boxes and bins to organize everything.  I feel like my mind is so much clearer when things are in their place.  Kitchen and pantry storage items are on sale at The Container Store through April 1st – 25% off!

Five: Update linens. A new pillow, throw blanket, sheets, duvet, or quilt in light colors or Spring prints can make a huge difference! Lighten everything up to airy materials that just feel and look like a spring breeze. White or cream linens like this duvet cover are an instant way to brighten up a space. It would be so pretty accented with this beautiful airy printed quilt.

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