Pregnant? What you Need, Don’t Need, and What to Wait on

Finding out you’re pregnant is such an exciting, happy, scary, and overwhelming time in life. There are so many things to learn and remember about being pregnant about what to do, what not to do, and what you will need.  There is a crazy amount of products on the market aimed at pregnant and new moms so I wanted to compile a list of things that I think you for sure need during pregnancy and things that are not necessary. None of these are for the baby, that post comes later.

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Need Now:

A Pregnancy pillow:  Specifically a U shaped one like this.  Okay so maybe you don’t need this right now, but it’s a MUST for pregnancy sleep, especially once you get to the second trimester and can’t sleep on your back.  I know it’s huge, cumbersome, a little on the pricy side, and your partner isn’t going to like it, but I’m telling you it’s worth it!

A Pregnancy Journal – I did one of these with Elijah and it is so much fun to go back and look at it now.  I am so excited to compare this journal with #2 as well! Pregnancy is such a special time, and a journal is the perfect way to remember all of it! I used this one and I like how it has weekly pages to write little snippets of info and also space for weekly photos.

Good pregnancy books with positive attitudes! HypnoBirthing by Marie Mongan (my favorite and a good read even if you have no desire to practice hypnosis, lots of info about the history of birth and how your body prepares for and births a baby), Ina May’s Guide to ChildbirthMama Natural (can also sign up online), Eat This, Not That When You’re Expecting ( a little too calorie conscious I think, but easy to read with examples of good foods, bad foods, and what nutrients you need with a lot of real examples). Not a book but BabyCenter is a good online source also.

Mae Band or Bella Band type pants extender – Jeans get tight pretty fast and you don’t necesarrily want to make the jump to maternity jeans right away. One of these bands extend the life of your jeans.

Lemon, ginger, peppermint teas:  These are awesome for nausea.  I didn’t have too much of this with Elijah, but this second little one seems to be affecting my digestion a little more early on.

Coconut oil and essential oils:  Instead of stretch mark oil or cream(see below) try coconut oil with Lavender or Gentle Baby (Young Living) essential oils mixed in. While I don’t think it will necessarily prevent the marks, stretching skin itches and coconut oil is great for nourishing it!


What to Expect When You’re Expecting – WHY is this the staple book for pregnancy? It’s awful!! It is chock full of misinformation and it’s terrifying! It has such a medicalized and negative tone towards pregnancy and childbirth.  Pregnancy is a natural and normal function of a woman’s body and you do not need to read about every little thing that could possibly go wrong.  Your midwife or Dr will tell you things to watch for and you should listen to them and you body, and enjoy your pregnancy

A fetal heart monitor: These are just dangerous if you don’t have the proper training to use them.  This article explains the reasons why.  Save the heart monitoring for your doc or midwife.

Tums: Maybe this one is preference, but I think they are gross, and I like to avoid medication during pregnancy.  I found coconut water to work great for heartburn plus it’s hydrating and full of nutrients!

Fancy Stretch Mark creams:  Sorry to break it, but stretch marks are more determined by genetics than fancy lotions.  I used it every day, multiple times a day, and still have plenty of marks to show for it.  Just embrace the Mommy badges of honor


Maternity clothes: You wont need these until somewhere in the second trimester, and what you should really look for are regular clothes that will work with a bump. I bought way too many maternity clothes with my first where if I would have gotten more regular stuff in maybe just a size up they would have worked through postpartum and even later instead of getting packed up and put away. You also don’t know how you will carry your baby yet.  I bought a few things early on that never really got worn because they just didn’t fit with the way I carried.

Bra extenders or a new bra:  Boobs expand sooo much during pregnancy.  These extenders were great for adding just a little bit of room before I had to go out and get a new bra.  But again, wait to see what your body does.

Belly Buds:  This one’s preference but for the price eh. Maybe they can hear and remember, maybe not.  I bought into it and Elijah does love music, but nothing that we played while he was inside. If you do get these, wait until you are at least 30 weeks along.

Baby stuff – Spend your first trimester taking care of you and getting through the exhaustion and nausea, and leave the baby stuff for the second trimester.  Yes babies have a lot of stuff, but really a newborn doesn’t need much, so you have time!

Breastfeeding stuff – Don’t worry about any of this yet either.  Let pregnancy soak in and just enjoy this special gift you’ve been given for a while.

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I am so excited to be going through all of this again and hope my list and experience can help! Just please remember that every pregnancy is different so what may work for me might not for you, and the most important thing to have is the trust in yourself and your body to go through this beautiful process! Listen to your body first, your midwife or doc, and let all the other opinions be just that – other opinions to take or leave.

Also – yes, 5 weeks pregnant as of March 14, 2018.  Baby Rice #2 will be here November 2018!

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