Packing List for Travel with a 16 month old

My little Elijah just went on his 4th plane trip! This time to Phoenix to enjoy some warmth and Spring Training! We are by no means experts on travel, but we have picked up a few good strategies along the way, and it starts with me creating a packing list at least a week before we travel. This gives me time to add things I forget, know what I need to get for our trip, and have time to get those things. Since I created my list, I figured I would share it on here as an example of what we bring.

Phoenix Packing List:



2 plates

2 spoons

2 forks

2 sippy cups

Travel plate or mat ( this silicone mat is awesome for on the go so you don’t have to put things on restaurant tables, though we’ve definitely done that too)

Snacks! – Goldfish, cheerios, Yogis, Lara bars


Bath time:

Bath mat

Bath soap

Bath toys – stacking cups

Bath cup

Toothbrush and toothpaste

I do not bring Elijah special towels when we travel. They take up way too much space.


Body wash

Thieves oil


4 size 6 diapers (we size up for bedtime – see below for the rest)


Bed time:

Sound machine

Monitor and charger


Play yard sheets

Waterproof liners

Other toiletries: Sunscreen, Tylenol and Motrin, nail clippers

flower smelling


For clothes I like to write out our days plan and then total everything up.

Thursday: Travel(plan, don’t pack) – sweatpants, plane onesie, jacket, Baseball game – shorts, red and white baseball tee, spare , sneakers

Friday: Zoo – shorts, tee, sperrys, spare

Saturday: Not sure so outfit and spare

Sunday: travel day – sweatpants, long sleeve shirt, same jacket, sneakers

Totals –

Shorts – 3

Tees – 6 short, 2 long

Pants – 2

Shoes – Sperrys, Sneakers (wearing on plane)

PJS – 4

Socks – 5 pairs

Extras – hat, sunglasses

Diapers –  5 -7 size 5 diapers.  Either grandparents will buy some to have for us usually which is a big help or a quick run to the store saves so much packing space.


Toys – 2-3 books, window clings and stacking bunny for airplane( Target Dollar section), flash cards, car.

We now bring a lightweight stroller with us, and use one of those red gate check bags to cover the car seat and have had no problems checking or gate checking.

Anything I forgot?  It didn’t seem like it this trip, but there usually is! Elijah is such a good little traveler it makes it fun! How do you prepare for packing for trips? Or do you just wing it?


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