Thursday Thing

Thursday Thing – March 8

One – Crazy development. I don’t know if Elijah went through a leap recently or what, but I have just been amazed at the things he’s doing lately. He just started really saying yes and no all the time which is nuts and awesome to be able to communicate like that. It seems like more and more words are added all the time now. “Boom” is my personal favorite right now. He says this when he runs into something with his car, throws something, sometimes when he falls.

Two – Rose gold Birkenstock look-a-likes. The real version of these shoes are $130 and this version is $21. I used to think they were super weird looking but this rose gold color is so pretty and I love the idea of just sliding them on. This mama has no time for buckles and ties anymore, especially when Elijah wants to spend every waking minute outside, and getting out of the house already requires so much other stuff.

Three – This blog post that compares emotions and meltdowns and crying to a train in a tunnel and how the emotions are the tunnel and we are the train traveling through.  Emotions tend to get avoided or buried and forgotten until they explode from us when we can’t hold them in any longer.  The idea of traveling through the tunnel and experiencing the emotion while working through it instead of finding a way out is something I want to implement with Elijah.  We find so much more balance and peace in life when we experience the emotion instead of running from it.

Four –This dress.. I was pretty skeptical ordering clothes from Amazon worrying that it would be lacking in qualitiy or have a weird fit or something, but it’s so cute on! It’s the perfect length for me which is hard with maxi dresses because I’m 5’2″ and a half on a good day but the hem is rounded so I think it would still be cute for taller girls too. It has slits which make walking and toddler chasing easier and pockets! Perfect Spring/summer dress can be dressed down for daytime or dressed up for a date night.

Five – Amazon $10 and under.  This is such a fun section of Amazon to browse.
There is a women’s, men’s, kids, housewares, electronics, gifts, and even a $5 and under section.  I’m all for an Amazon bargain so this is my section! I’ll get a whole post up with some picks from here soon!

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