Thursday Thing

Thursday Thing – February 22

Thursday Thing 2 21

One – New hair color! It’s been 6 months since I have even had a haircut and over a year since I  have had it colored, so this was much needed!  I went from some blonde highlights to a little bit darker than my natural brown color and I love it!

Two – Chicken coops.  We are planning on venturing into raising chickens, and have been doing some research this week about them, including going to the feed store to ask questions and hold some adorable baby chicks!  I have been looking at all sorts of chicken coops and found a couple of beautiful ones on Pinterest to inspire our coop! Gorgeous shabby chic and rustic coops to inspire!

Three – DIY lotion.  It is SOO dry here and it wreaks havoc on our skin.  Mine is cracked, Elijah has Eczema, and no lotion from the store seems to help.  Plus if you read the ingredients, they are full of bad stuff like petroleum and alcohol (maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about but I would think alcohol would have a counter effect on moisturizing..).  So I made my own out of shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and my Young Living essential oils.  The oils I used were Copaiba and Lavender which are both great for your skin.  I have been using my oils more and more lately and am absolutely loving them! If you are interested in them or trying them out, let me know and I can help with info and ordering (I am a wholesale member).

Four – Albuquerque Moms Blog.  This blog is part of a bigger network called City Moms Blog with similar blogs in big cities across the country.  They have great articles about things going on in the city for moms and kids to do and great motherhood posts.  They recently launched local neighborhood mom groups so that you can meet up with and gain support from other moms around you.   Also, they are adding more events around town which I am excited that I am going to be helping out with! The next event is an Easter egg hunt at Menaul School on March 18. Check out the link provided or contact me for more info!

Five – Vivino – Just found this awesome app for great wine recommendations. You can search by type, food pairing, or style of wine.  Additionally, you can filter by price, country, or vintage.  The coolest feature of the app is you can take a photo of a bottle of wine and it will tell you info about that wine, what foods it pairs well with and also recommendations for similar wines to try.

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