The Best Lip Color Product for Moms

So I have really never been much of a lip color wearing type of person, especially since becoming a mom.  It was just way too much work to put it on just to have it come off when little baby hands whacked me in the face or when I was giving a million kisses to my little man.   It would just get smeared, and I don’t exactly spend a lot of time looking in a mirror to notice that which would not be good….  Also, what mom has time to reapply lipstick throughout her day?

A few months ago I found this product called Lip Sense.  My mother in law Cheryl is the one who introduced me to it as she sells it, and all my links provided are to her, but I love it enough that I would buy it even if it wasn’t family.

Here’s my top reasons you should try it and some tips for wear:

It really does stay put all day.  It goes on in the morning and other than maybe adding some more gloss this stuff stays put.  I can eat, drink, give baby kisses, and wrestle around on the floor with him and it stays on. I can put it on and forget about it.  Since I’ve started wearing it, I have felt like I notice a difference when I don’t wear it when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  It just gives you a little bit more of a pulled together look even if you’re in mom gear.

To get it to stay put the longest:

Start with clean, dry lips.  Shake the product really well.  Apply three thin coats allowing 3-5 seconds in between for drying, and top with gloss.

This is for the longest wear and richest color.  I frequently put on just one coat and still have no issues with it lasting and get great color. The picture below is one coat of Fire n Ice.

The picture below shows just after application of three coats of Pink Champagne on the left and just after eating lunch or without re glossing or touching it up on the right.

The other really great thing I love is that the applicator is a wand so it goes on like lip gloss which makes is so easy to put on and get a perfect look.

There are so many color choices and they are beautiful.  With so many options there’s literally a color for everyone.  My favorites are Pink Champagne and First Love.  Fire n Ice and Plumeria are both pretty and fun bright pinks and I love Blu Red for a red.   The colors are also all meant to be combined and layered on top of each other as well to enable you to create your own custom color which is so awesome! The choices are seriously endless!

The only negative I have for the product is that because it stays so well it doesn’t come off super quick at night when you take off your makeup, and I mean like maybe an extra 60 seconds of work compared to a normal lip color. So really? Not an issue – just wanted to give all the info. To get it off, you can use a bar of soap and rub it over your lips.  Let it sit while you wash the rest of your face and then take a washcloth (or I use the Neutrogena wipes) and wipe it off.  They also make a remover that you would use the same process with, but soap and/or makeup remover wipes seem to work just fine. The remover would be good though for if you plan to do your lips on the go and need to fix a mess up.

Lip Sense is such a great product for busy moms who don’t have time for fussy makeup, but still like to look and feel their best!  Not only is it a great product for moms, but it is being sold by one of the best moms I know! I am so lucky to have Cheryl for a mother in law.  She is the sweetest, so easy to talk to, and so detail oriented and knowledgeable about what she does.  She has great color suggestions and tips!  If you want to give Lip Sense a try contact her via her Facebook page : Classic Lips & Looks.

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