Thursday Thing

Thursday Thing – February 15

One – Spring on its way? Finally we’ve had a few days this past week where it has been not cold. Not nice out still but just not cold, and we have actually been able to get out and walk which is so nice because we are all sick of being cooped up inside. Daniel and I are antsy about being still, Elijah is ready to go duck watching and Allie is ready to work off those winter pounds.

Two – World Market rug sale – a new rug is the perfect way to freshen up a space for spring and World Market has them up to 50% off right now! For our house, we could really use new pretty inside doormats, kitchen runners, and one for our formal living area. A few of my favorites are This round jute rug, this neutral wool one, this more colorful rug would be beautiful layered with this ivory rug and that round jute rug I mentioned.

Three – Chalk paint cabinet tutorial posts. (here and here) Okay so this last week when I was sick Daniel got up and took my gym slot at 5:30 since I wasn’t going to be doing anything, and he got the coffee pot ready for me so all I had to do was push go. I did and luckily the dog had to go out so I was waiting by the door for her to notice that coffee was going everywhere but the pot. Fun mess to clean up… anyway, the awesome thing I noticed in this was that my chalk painted, poly sealed coffee and wine bar looked amazing even after all of the spills that have happened on it including coffee, grounds, and red wine. All of them easily disappear with no damage to the paint. I think I may just dive into the cabinet painting and hope for the best…

FourThe Lettered Cottage. This is a blog written by Layla that primarily focuses on home decor with some style and lifestyle as well. One of my favorite things she does is what she calls Presto Change O. She uses Photoshop to redesign clients homes and rooms, and it’s so much fun to see the results. She offers a class on how to do it that I am thinking of taking if anyone would want to donate some pictures of their houses for me to play with.

Five – Pillow Covers – Throw pillows are another great way to update for a new season, holiday, or just because for not a whole lot of cost, but even still the whole pillow can end up costing a lot and you end up swimming in pillows.  Pillow covers are often less expensive, and you can just switch out the cover on your pillows for a whole new look.  If you sew,  I feel like pillows are an easy project for you. Here are a couple I found on Amazon:  Checkered Velvet, and Patterned.  Okay one more – these faux leather covers are little bit more than the others, but I think they are gorgeous.

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