Thursday Thing

Thursday Thing

One – Travel to San Francisco.  Last week we went to visit Daniel’s grandma with Elijah.  She’s in her 90’s and still moves around alright and is the sweetest lady.  I’m so glad Elijah got to meet her!  We stayed at the coolest Air Bnb rental in Alameda, California which is just across the bay.  It was on a lagoon with ducks that Elijah loved to watch and walking distance from the beach, which Elijah also loved (except for the sand on his hands…).  Travel with a toddler is no joke.  We returned from this trip exhausted instead of well rested, but it was so much fun and so worth it!

Two – Backpack diaper bag. For the first year, I used a gorgeous black Kate Spade travel bag and I loved it for a little baby – everything always fit, but now that I have a busy toddler that bag is way too bulky and my purse also wasn’t doing the trick.  It was way too hard to chase him and try to keep a bag on one shoulder.  I ordered this Backpack bag, and so far I love it.  There are so many pockets to keep it organized and it’s pretty enough to take to work since I usually take my giant planner and computer.  I also love this one (looks identical to the ) but the color I wanted wasn’t in stock and I wanted it for our trip.

Three – This bralette.  I have been wearing this so much lately as a pretty touch to add to plain tees or sweaters.  I think I would have gotten a medium if I ordered again instead of small, and  I do have to wear it over my bra if I’m wearing it out of the house(maybe just a weird me thing?), but it’s so cute either way.

Four – Cute wine t-shirts.  I found this company via Instagram and they have the cutest shirts with phrases all about wine on them. I love my wine, so I think I’m going to order one!

Five – Universal Threads Target collection – Cute denim, tees, and shoes. These flats are $32, super cute, the Free People version is $198, and they look like the exact same shoe.  These slip on sneakers are also really cute and look really convenient to just slip on and go chase my little boy!  Some other great picks from the line: This tank – loose and $8, Summer tank (I’m also thinking it looks like Spring Training in Phoenix), Maxi dress, and raw hem jeans.

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