Better You, Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation – Wonder

Never lose you sense of wonder – Target baby sweatshirt (Cat & Jack)

Yep, today’s quote for motivation comes from Elijah’s sweatshirt.  We just got back from a trip to California to visit his Great Grandma, and I was taken aback at all of the little things Elijah was so enthusiastically interested in.  At the airport, he was beside himself excited looking out the window and watching two pigeons on the tarmac.  The moving sidewalk was like a rollercoaster.  There were ducks in a lagoon behind the house we stayed in and he was practically jumping out of his skin every time we went outside and he saw them swim up to us. The smallest of fish in the aquarium that usually just get passed by, he loved!  It was just so amazing to watch how happy he was with the smallest things, and the amount of wonder in his eyes as he watched and explored.  Bringing me back to my quote, have we kept any of this sense of wonder in our adult selves? Or has it gone by the wayside having been replaced with schedules and to do lists and the latest and greatest tv shows or technology?

Everyone is looking for happiness and ways to improve out lives or find the next best thing.  Maybe to find that we need to look within us and find that sense of wonder that may have gotten lost in the to do list, and appreciate the small real things in life like the birds, trees, baby toes, toddler excitement whatever small wonders we can find.  Challenge yourself today to wonder.  For at least five minutes, turn off the tv and social media, put down the to do list and just experience your sense of wonder.

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