Our Trip to Explora!

Last week we went to a kid’s museum in Albuquerque called Explora!  It’s basically a hands on science museum, and it was so much fun.  I will say it’s definitely geared more towards older kids, but Elijah still had a really great time!

The first area/exhibit you get to when you walk in is the gravity exhibit.  There is a giant plexiglass covered gravity demonstration with pullies, ramps, etc and Elijah loved to watch the little ball go up, down, and around.  This area also featured groups of adjustable ramps to send little balls or marbles down to see what different angles did to the ball.


Next you get to the water exploration area.  We went through this area pretty quick because water and Elijah pretty much means big mess right now, but there was a cool fountain he liked to watch, and a couple of fish tanks he thought were awesome!

One of the really cool things here was the toddler area.  Everything in here is lower to the ground and very hands on geared to toddlers.  They had a few ball drop activities, a wind example, a fun area with drawers, handles and latches to play with, and a ramp and small stairs to climb.  And it’s all gated in so little runners can’t make a break for it!


One of Elijah’s favorite exhibits was one where a ball is held in the air by two air blowers.  He loved to snatch the ball out of the air and then throw it and have it stay floating.


Upstairs there was a music area that was pretty cool, an area with bubbles that was soo much fun, and a few others we didn’t make it through because one year old attention spans are not that long, but it looked like there were some cool electricity demonstrations and some building blocks.


We did make it to the movie area where kids could color a picture, scan it, and it would show up on a projection screen in the room and come to life.  One of the workers showed us a cool trick where if you touch one of the cars or houses they spin or bounce around!

Overall Explora was a great fun family place.  Daniel and I even had fun playing with the exhibits, and there were a few that we couldn’t even figure out!  It was definitely a place that can grow with your kids from toddler to big kid, and that they can continue to learn from for years. I love anything that makes learning fun, and we will for sure be making a return trip!

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