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The Importance of Time Away From Baby

This past week Daniel and I went to Durango, Colorado for two nights just the two of us while my parents came into town to stay with Elijah.  We had nothing really planned because there has been no snow this year for snowboarding, but we just went to have some time to ourselves.  We went out to eat, drink, and just walk around the town for as long as we wanted, and most importantly we slept! We also took a drive up to Silverton which is something we have been wanting to do and there is no way we would attempt that anytime soon with Elijah hating his car seat so much, but it was, even though everything but a coffee shop was closed, beautiful.


Meanwhile, my parents had a great time bonding with their grandson.  The last time they saw him was on his first birthday, and he wasn’t walking, only saying dog, and just basically three months less developed.  Now he’s dancing, picking out toys and books, saying a few more words, learning so much, and developing such a personality.  They had the best time playing together!

(Watching football with grandpa and walking his Allie dog with grandma)

As good of a time as everyone had goes to show how awesome and important this time away is.  I felt so guilty leaving him and missed him so so much, but the time Daniel and I had together was invaluable.  It’s so easy to get caught up in day to day life with a baby that you forget you are anything but Mom and Dad when really, first and foremost you are a woman and man and husband and wife.  We are our best as parents when we are our best selves and couple.  Whether it’s a vacation or just a regular date night, there has to be time to grow as adults and as a couple in order to be the best Mom and Dad we can offer.  Our kids are given so much time and nurturing to grow and learn through their lives, and it’s important to continue to give ourselves that time and nurturing to continue growing and learning for as long as we live.

(He looks mad in his pic but he’s really just trying to figure out how to take a selfie on his phone)

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