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Monday Motivation – January 15th

Another weekly series for the blog to start everyone’s week( get me through to the end of mine).  I will be posting a quote that I have found to be motivational, inspirational, or thought provoking in a good way.

This first quote I thought was fitting to the title of my blog.

“Any mother could perform the jobs of several air traffic controllers with ease.” – Lisa Alther

Being an air traffic controller requires the knowledge, memory, and awareness of several things at once.  If there are 15 airplanes on my radar scope I have to have an awareness of where each one is, where they’re going, what their altitude is, and if there are any restrictions they need to meet or if they are in a traffic confliction with any other aircraft.  I have to understand differences in aircraft types, weather, wind, and turbulence conditions, and apply these things to keep everyone safe and get them efficiently to their destination. While an air traffic controller is plugged in working, we are constantly on, paying attention to what’s going on and talking to one airplane or another.

Now think about the job of a mother.  We have to keep track of feedings, diaper changes, naps, where our toddler is going, what they are getting into pulling them back into the room we’re in and out of the dogs water dish over and over and over only to have then run off toward the stairs and have to go chase them again to make sure they sit and make it down alright.  Meanwhile we have to figure out meals for the rest of the family, keep up with bills and Dr appointments, the list could go on and on and gets even longer when kids get older and you add in school projects, homework, and sports.  The job of mother is non stop, requiring the same attention and awareness as a controller.

The difference? An air traffic controller gets breaks.  A mother? None in sight.  Everyone says air traffic control is one of the most stressful jobs, and it absolutely does have its moments, but my job as a mom beats it by a lot.  So whenever you are feeling any sort of difficulties as a mom, or think you aren’t doing good enough at keeping track of everything just remember, you are capable of so much more than you know just by having the title of mom.  When things seem to fall through the cracks it’s because you are doing the job of three air traffic controllers, vectoring kids away from trouble, keeping you house running efficiently, planning days and meals, possibly working a full time job outside of your home, and all of the other million responsibilities of a mom with no breaks.  However you’re doing it, it’s beautiful and enough because it’s done with more love than in even imaginable.

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