Thursday Thing

Thursday Thing

I wanted to start this series as a weekly thing to share updates for us, products I’ve found, other bloggers or blog posts I’ve loved, or just general fun facts or articles.   This week’s post is up pretty late, but hopefully I can get it together for the following weeks to giver everyone a little something to read to get you to the weekend( or through it, or to start your week, depending on you schedule!)

One – Mommy and Daddy getaway and fun with Grandma and Grandpa!  We went on a trip to Durango this week for two nights just the two of us and little man stayed with my parents.  I was so nervous and excited for this trip and it went so great! We had the best time, and Elijah loved showing off all of his tricks to Grandma and Grandpa.  I plan on putting together a post on the importance of these kinds of trips so watch for that!

Two – Hidden veggies!  Elijah has turned into a picky little eater so I’m having to hide those veggies to get them into him! I made a tomato pasta sauce with veggies blended right in last night and he loved it.  I just boiled 5 carrots and 2 zucchinis and blended those with a big can of crushed tomatos and about a cup or so of spinach. Then I just added my seasonings and heated it!

Three – Hearth and Hand spring line – Anytime I go to Target (which is probably way too often) I spend too much time in this section.  Especially with this Spring collection.  I love the stoneware and kitchen supplies, office supplies even though I don’t have an office, and the greenery. Some of my faves from the line are this planter, these paper clips  – I love paper clips to organize piles of paper, so much better than staples – and this pouf , and these floor cushions !  They’re not from spring but I have them and they’re so cute – these potholders are also a favorite!

Four – Lauren McBride Blog.  She’s a life and style blogger who is a mom of two with one on the way, and she has some good motherhood, style, and home décor articles.  She also has a great section for current sales going on right now.  She has some beautiful home photos on her Instagram and she has a funny and realistic point of view on motherhood.

Five – This video of a dog sledding down a hill, dragging the sled back up, and then sledding again.  Just because everyone needs a smile!

This post contains affiliate links for only products that I love.

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