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The Perfect New Years Book

I am not a huge New Years Resolution person. Making promises for a holiday seems kind of like a diet to me. It doesn’t last. For things to stick they have to be lifestyle changes, not just little promises. Anyway, I do love the blank slate and time for refresh that the New Year brings. I feel like after Christmas clutter, it’s nice to just get a breath of fresh (cold) air and reevaluate the way we think and view life. It’s like either be sad Christmas is gone and my house looks like we moved in yesterday or take the time to utilize the blank space for new thoughts reorganization.

I am also not much for reading anymore. Not that I don’t enjoy it, I just don’t have the time to sit still and read a book. If I do read, it’s gotta be something that is adding value to my life. not just some novel with a pretend land to dream about. Again, can’t justify the time on stories. I need reality and usefulness right now.

I actually read this book a couple months ago but thought the new year would be a perfect time to revisit it. I originally read it because I am a big Magnolia Market Chip and Joanna Gaines fan, and I just love their story, but it became more than that to me after reading it. The book is Capital Gaines – Smart Things I Learned Doing Stupid Stuffby Chip Gaines. I am not going to do a full summary high school book report style here but this book has some great concepts to put into place in our daily lives.

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Live life fearlessly is probably the biggest one to gain. Chip talks about how fear can be so crippling to us actually accomplishing anything. Bad things are everywhere no matter what you do. You’re going to fall on your face sometimes, and we just can’t make the perfect decision and have things go perfectly all the time. But if we live in a bubble so afraid to mess up or so afraid of what the world will do to us or what bad things could possibly happen, we keep ourselves from experiencing all of the great things life has to offer. We keep ourselves from reaching our full potential because there is no potential for anything at all if we are sitting still.

Where this really hit me was with my blog and motherhood. I had just written some basic Elijah update posts along with just a few others and pretty much only shared it with very close family. And not that it’s some huge success at this point, but I have grown my following of people whom I share with without the care of whether it will be a hit or not. Obviously the goal is to be successful, but either way I love it and I feel like it is growing me as a mother and a person, so no matter what it’s a win.

Motherhood hit me hard and was a huge adjustment for me. I thought it would come natural and just be adding a little person to my life to take everywhere and just go along for the ride with me. And then he was here and the thoughts of anything happening to him or him being upset or not okay left me, a usually super calm person crippled with fears, worry, and anxiety over life. And sure enough, it was keeping me from being the best mom I could be to him because fear leads you to doing nothing. I definitely still worry, but there is now a voice in the back of my head telling me to live for the best possible scenario instead of the worst.

Something about reading this book helped me to kick start my dream of doing more than just getting by in life. Another concept of the book – so many people go to work and come home with their paycheck and that’s it. They have a job that they aren’t even happy with. They don’t have their life’s work. And while I do love being an air traffic controller, I don’t know that it is my life’s work. Not that I’m going to quit or anything, but the spark to do more is definitely there.

I don’t know if it’s that Chip is so goofy and always joking around on the show and that comes comes through in his writing and makes him that much more personable that makes the book such and easy read, but it made an impact on my life and if you are looking for some inspiration for your new year, give this book a try!

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