2017 Highlight reel

January – Rollercoaster to start our year! We moved into our new house, I went back to work full time, lots of family visits, I got mastitis for the second time followed by some super weird allergic reaction!

February – Elijah had his first road trip to Phoenix for his uncle Brandon’s wedding.  He did awesome and we had a great time!  It was also Elijah’s first Spring Training game!

March – Elijah started swim lessons.   We discovered he loves the water!

April – First trip to the zoo.  We cared more than he did.  It was also his first Easter and Grandma Cheryl was out to visit for the week.

May – First plane ride to California!  We went for our anniversary and left little man for the first time overnight with Grandma and Grandpa Rice.  It was a much needed trip for mama and dada and great bonding time for grandma and grandpa.

June – First haircut! Had to get rid of the mullet! Also had our staycation this month!

July – First 4th of July that Elijah pretty much slept through the fireworks

August – Visit from auntie Abby and lake trip to Vallecito with the grandparents.  We rented a house on a hill on the lake in Vallecitio, Colorado and it was absolutely beautiful.  On a sad note for the month, my grandma passed away just before we left for this trip.

September – Elijah had his first trip to the park and went down the slide and swinging in the swing.

October – Birthday!!  Sports theme party for Elijah complete with a visit from all of his grandparents!  We also went to a pumpkin patch, and went trick or treating this year.  Elijah was a little lumberjack!

November – Turkey Day vacation to California for the beautiful weather and great family company.  Elijah started taking his first steps this month!!

December – We have had a whole 4 nights this month so far of all night sleeping!  But,  Elijah also spent a good two weeks sick and getting his first molar.  It was so hard to see him so sad and he also had his first (probably unnecessary) trip to the ER because he had been sick for a few days, was coughing pretty bad, and completely unconsolable.  But now he is back to his normal self and walking everywhere!!! Also, first Christmas actually getting to open presents!  Christmas just got magical and so so special!

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