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Christmas Traditions

Since this year is the first Christmas where Elijah is somewhat of an active participant, I wanted to start some really fun holiday traditions that we can hold onto and he can grow to love over the years.  Since our jobs as air traffic controllers will many years require us to be working on Christmas day I feel like it’s important for us to have some strong traditions the whole month, and not necessarily just based around that one day.

Also, since were by ourselves out here and extended family can’t always make the trip in for the holiday, I want to make sure it always still feels so special to Elijah.



Here are some of the traditions we’re putting into place this year.

A real Christmas tree – Since Daniel and I have been living together we have always gotten a real tree.  It’s just so special to go pick out your tree from the lot (no cutting down in the southwest), and smell that beautiful smell all month long.

Going to see lights – who doesn’t love Christmas lights?  When he’s a little older we’ll add in a post bedtime pj drive, but this year it’s the River of Lights at the ABQ Biopark.

Acts of giving – Every year I want to do something where we give to someone else whether it’s buying another family’s meal at a restaurant, volunteering somewhere or donating toys, every season I want to have at least one act of giving as a family.

Christmas PJs – Even if we aren’t all on the same schedule for Christmas eve and day, we can at least wear the same PJs for some small form of togetherness.

Christmas cookies – baking and decorating cookies is such a fun activity, and something that can be passed down for generations.  It also can be another act of giving if we package some up to give to neighbors and friends!

Kid’s Tree – We got a cute little artificial tree to hold the cute and meaningful ornaments that will something for the kids to have their way with later on.


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