Christmas Home Tour

Finally I’m done decorating for Christmas! It’s a little ridiculous that I started before Thanksgiving and I am just now “done”.  And only because I told myself that I had to be or I could probably be tweaking and adding more things up until Christmas day.  To be fair, it’s a new house so I’m figuring out where everything should go for the first time here, but still next year I’m getting a deadline of like December 5th so I can really just sit back and enjoy it all.  When you really think about it that’s what Christmas is supposed to be anyway it time with family, not a month’s worth of decorating and seeing how much garland and lights and woodsy figurines you can fit in and on your house.

Some of my favorite pieces this year are our kids tree from Target.  It was a last minute addition and I couldn’t find a tree anywhere in the budget I wanted to spend.  This little Charlie Brown-esque tree was left and on display, so Daniel went and brought it home for me, discounted and everything and I absolutely love the way it looks!  I also really love the advent calendar just because Elijah gets so much joy out of placing the little ornament on the tree everyday.  We reposition the ornament a couple of times a day usually too!

This year, it wont get much use, but I am so excited for the Letters to Santa mailbox from Chip and Joanna’s Hearth and Hand line for future years!  I know I would have loved to have something like that as a kid!

But anyway, here’s the photos of what we ended up with!





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