Holiday Sangria

I have been making this sangria around the holidays for a few years now and it is so good and always such a hit.  It has all of the perfect holiday flavors blended with delicious red wine.  Its the perfect drink for all of the holiday parties or even just for an evening of decorating!


Gotta love the mastiff photo bomb – we love her so much but she is always in the way!


Red wine – usually Merlot, but whatever your preference is will fit




Cranberries -1 cup

Cinnamon sticks -2

Sprinkle of ginger

Ginger ale -1 cup

Sugar – optional – ginger ale already has sugar so only add if you like it sweeter

Ginger liqueur – also optional I tend to leave it out because I have no other use for a bottle of ginger liqueur


Cut up your apple, orange, and pear and add to a pitcher.

Add the cranberries, cinnamon sticks, ginger, and sugar if you’re using it and give this a stir.

Pour your wine in.

Add the ginger liqueur.

Refrigerate for a couple of hours or up to overnight.

Add the ginger ale just before serving.

If you are making this for a party, get extra bottles of wine and ginger ale and as it empties, just add more wine and ginger ale!

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