DIY Wreath

I have done the craft store wreaths before where you buy the green wreath and add your picks and ribbons and some other crafty wreaths, but I have never made one out of real Christmas tree pieces.  The tree we got this year was so full all the way to the bottom we had to cut several pieces so it wasn’t dragging on the ground so we could water it, and it seemed like such a waste to just throw those away so I decided I would try my hand at making a wreath.

The other day, I went to Michael’s and got the supplies and went to work that night, and surprisingly, it came out pretty good and was pretty easy to make!

Supplies needed:

Metal wreath form – I used a 16 inch wreath form

Florist wire (I think this is what its called – you want really thin green wire)

Tree boughs  – I used I would say probably 25-30 6-12 inch boughs to make my wreath


Pick a starting point on your wreath form and begin laying pieces of tree on and through the wreath form, securing with a piece or two of wire.  You want to have some lay completely flat and follow the form around to create the shape and also a few to stick out and create fullness.

From my starting point at the top, I extended my pieces to the left and then to the right so they were sort of cascading down the wreath, meeting at the bottom.

Continue placing pieces until you get all the way around and achieve the fullness and evenness you want.

At the top, you can add pinecones or ribbon to cover your seam or just leave it natural!



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