Christmas Tree – 2017

Just finished decorating our tree and I love the way it turned out!  We always get a real tree, and this year the tree we found was especially beautiful.  Usually we get a noble fir for the smell and the sturdiness of the branches to be able to hold all sorts of ornaments, but this year at the tree lot we went to  they said the nobles were dried out but the one we went with had been cut four days ago. ( Side note – last year our 9-10 ft tree died like a week after we brought it home and I had to remove all of the decorations and re decorate a tiny little lowes tree.  Not doing that again!)  Here’s lasts year’s followed by the 12 footer of the previous year.


We ended up getting a Nordman tree.  The branches and needles are longer than a noble but are still pretty sturdy.  They are a gorgeous deep green with an almost silver blue underside.  This tree is 9 feet tall and really symmetrical.  Even without any decorations, its beautiful.


But we cant have no decorations, so up they all went!  First, and my least favorite (the only real positive to a fake tree) is the lights.  I started at the top of the tree and weaved my way in and out of branches till I got to the bottom.  I think I used 800-1000 lights.

Next up, garland.  I use burlap ribbon for my garland and just sort of do the same thing as the lights and weave it in and around the tree starting at the top and working my way down, bunching and twisting as I went.

Next, picks and big pieces.  This tree does not have a lot of holes anywhere so I didn’t use all of the picks I have.  I kept it simple and just used my burlap flowers and berries.

Ornaments time! This part is so overwhelming sometimes.  I have a ridiculous amount of ornaments because I started collecting when we were at our other house and had a 12 ft tree for a couple of years.  I have so many cute ornaments, many that I received as gifts, that I feel so horrible about putting back in the box, but I did put on a lot, and it just seemed done.

Also this year my topper was just a couple of burlap bows.  We have an angel that I have used previously as well as some big sparkly picks, but I just wanted to keep things a little bit simpler this year.

So that’s it! Tree is done!



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