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Helping Baby Walk

Our little boy has just started to take his first steps!  It is such an exciting time to watch him start to get around upright. I feel like we spent so much time saying he’s right there, he’ll be walking in no time.   We said this about his birthday, thanksgiving, and the end of our Thanksgivng trip. Well now he’s all over the place! Still only like 20 steps at a time or so, but it’s so much more each day!



Some things that have helped him along:

Standing game:  We would stand him up and start counting to see how long he could stay standing for and get super excited about it.  This becomes a game and then they want to “play” even more!

Push toys! Or just boxes and baskets and such that can be pushed around.  Elijah pushes his toys, his high chair, dining chairs, boxes, laundry hampers, anything.  He especially loves to “help” with the laundry.  He gets so proud to help and this encourages walking strength!

Something fun to go get.  If there is something fun or dangerous they want, that ups the desire to go for it!

Play with kids just barely older or further developed.  We notice big improvements every time Elijah is around other kids who are walking.  He wants to be just like them!

So much cheerleading!  Make it the best thing in the world to take a step or two and pretty soon, they will want to take more and more just to make you happy!



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