A Week of Sugar.

We started our no sugar period about a week before Halloween and continued until November 19th when we had our annual Friendsgiving dinner.  Having no sugar I definitely noticed some good health benefits.  I lost about two pounds, felt like I had slightly more energy, and without really increasing my training or gym time, I was able to run a distance I wouldn’t have expected.

Between Friendsgiving Sunday and the following Sunday, we pretty much were in vacation/holiday mode which meant travelling and sugar and junk food.  I tried to be sort of good about my choices at least not choosing the most sugary things, but I definitely enjoyed the trip.  It was so nice to be in the beautiful warm California weather with family and friends and to just relax.  Daniel and I even got some time out just the two of us which doesn’t happen often at all!

We had plenty of pumpkin, pecan, and sweet potato pie, baked brie, good wine and the best sangria (I will post the recipe soon – it is perfect for the holidays!)

Well, as always all vacations come to an end and boy am I feeling the wrath of all that sugar. I feel extra sluggish, super bloated, and could barely run a mile at the gym.  Plus my skin and hair just seem dull and sunken.  This could also be due to the 3-4 hours of sleep every night, but either way this month has been a great reset for me and real proof of what you put in your body is what you get out of it.

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