Waiting for our toddler to toddle

It seems like every time anyone talks to us and asks how Elijah is doing the immediate next question out of their mouths is, “is he walking yet?” Which is definitely understandable because it is such a big milestone that generally happens around this time in life. Me and my three siblings all walked at one year and Daniel at 13 months which is Elijah’s at right now.

Some days he gets so close and has even taken 3 or 4 steps and other days he doesn’t even try to stand on his own when we try to practice with him. Crawling is a sure thing for him, as is pushing around one of the many many things in the house he uses to walk around with. He is doing so much lately like waving, pointing, repeating us sort of, climbing in and out of his chair, and the stairs(absolutely terrifying for me), so I’m really not too worried about him walking. It’s super exciting and I can’t wait for him to hit that milestone, but as far as I’m concerned we’re practicing and he’ll do it when he’s ready! For now this mama is having some patience and relishing in these last baby moments before I have a full blown toddling toddler, because I really do think I only have maybe a couple of weeks.

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