Surviving the Leaps, Teeth, and Growth Spurts

“Instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I wish I would have taken the time to appreciate being able to assist in a miracle.”  This was a quote our Hypnobirthing instructor place in the front page of the material she gave us,and while it’s referring to pregnancy I feel like it can just as easily be applied to Motherhood.  Every time Elijah goes through some sort of development leap, tooth or spurt that leads to zero sleeping I think I’m going to die and Daniel thinks there’s something seriously wrong with him.  And yet somehow we always make it through and we’re all still here and kicking.  These are some of the things that seem to get us through these times.

1.  Fuel Your body:  Sleep is our body’s number one fuel ingredient So when you aren’t getting that it’s important to remember to get the rest of the things your body needs.  Coffee is my kick start for every morning, and sometimes afternoons.  The rest of the day I try to fuel with plenty of healthy foods.  There is just no way to keep up if I’m filling up with junk food.  Also, a glass of wine at the end of the day for sanity definitely helps.

2.  Don’t try to be person you were before baby or be someone who doesn’t have babies.  If I am desperately trying to get every little project around the house done, keep up with all of the basics like food, dishes, and laundry, get to the gym, have myself ready and put together, and play with and entertain Elijah on little or no sleep I make myself crazy.  There is just no way to do it all and I have to give myself that freedom to let some things slide knowing that it won’t be like this forever.

3.  Embrace it!:  we love the show Outdaughtered.  They are such a fun family to watch, the girls are adorable and Adam and Danielle are so relatable.  She was wearing a shirt on one episode that said “embracing mommy hood” and I had to find it and get it (from Sweet T’s adorable stuff!) and it is my favorite shirt.  Aside from being comfortable it is such a great reminder for me to just embrace it all.  These moments don’t last forever and if we can just embrace all aspects of mommy hood we can begin to appreciate instead of dread certain times.

4.  Teamwork!:  on really rough nights Daniel and I tag team comforting our little man and trying to get home down.  Being the breastfeeding mama, I make up most of the tag team but there’s no way I could do it all on my own.  Patience levels drop at 2am when you’ve been breastfeeding and rocking for an hour, so I have to take myself out of the room for some time To no completely loose it, and this is where I tag Daniel in. And on this note…

5. Turn to your partner instead of turning against them:  it is so easy to take out those frustrations on the people closest to us and to pick at and blame your other half when things go wrong or we’re going through difficulties in life.  However, the only thing this does is add an extra layer of stress and takes away a much needed layer of support and encouragement.

13 months and this little boy is still not sleeping! This mama is tired and at a loss of what to do. But, I know it’s not forever so for now I’m just blowing my Starbucks budget…

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