Holiday Decorating -November


Christmas is my favorite holiday and I love to decorate. I used to be one of those not till after thanksgiving kind of people, but recently November is a perfect time to start. I have all of these decorations that I have to decide where to put them, shop for new stuff, and rearrange a million times. If I start December 1 or something like that there’s no time to actually enjoy any of it, and since it’s my favorite I’ve decided I’m going to enjoy it.

This year is the first Christmas in our new home and our first Christmas with a trouble making danger seeking toddler, so decorating poses some extra challenges and need for creativity in placement.

When I start decorating for the holidays my first step is to remove the turquoise and Aqua from the house. It just doesn’t feel Christmasy to me, plus I don’t like the way it looks with all the red. Maybe when we get our beach house it can all stay, but for now into he boxes it goes, see you again in January. Next, I like to just start placing things. It allows me to see everything and get s better feel for things than if I just kept sorting through all of the boxes. Plus, back to the danger seeking toddler, Hurricane Elijah, I don’t have the luxury of laying everything out on a table or the ground while I think about it.

For now I’ve added some Christmas to our built in bookshelves and wine bar area and cozied up with some pillows and blankets.

We always get a real tree, so I have to wait till the beginning of December for tree decorating. Last year I made the mistake of getting a 9-10 ft tree like 2 days after Thanksgiving and having to throw it out and replace with a small tree when it died on us two weeks before Christmas. This year the tree is going to wait just a little.

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