No Sugar November – Halfwayish

Well we have made it to about halfway through our month of no refined sugar, and actually it’s not been that hard. I think making it a challenge for a defined period of time has made it easier to give it up, and if you don’t eat sugar you don’t really crave it as much either.

Both Daniel and I have lost about two pounds which wasn’t the goal of the month, but I’ll take it. When you really start paying attention to what has sugar in it you’ll find that it’s a lot of processed food that isn’t that healthy at all, so not only have we cut out sugar but a lot of processed extra junk.

We have not eaten out much at all. You can’t really know the ingredients at most restaurants so there’s no way of knowing whether there’s sugar or not in anything. Since we’re not eating out so much it’s a money saver too! We did find that Chipotle lists their ingredients online and there is no Sugar in at least most of their menu if not all of it so we’ve had that a couple times.

I feel like I’m hungry all the time and eating all the time but I’ve still lost 2 pounds. This is crazy that in this short of time and just dropping sugar I can eat this much and loose weight. Just goes to show how much sugar messes with our systems.

Grocery shopping is a bit more of a task now with having to read and research ingredients while entertaining a one year old, so I came up with a little list of my finds.

No Sugar foods:

Ezekiel breads

Sprouts Wheat English muffins

Grainberry shredded wheat cereal

Oikos Triple Zero yogurt

Lara bars

Think thin bars


Earth Balance creamy peanut butter

Annie’s Mac and Cheese

Unsweetened vanilla almond milk


Dr Praegers veggie burgers

Don’t remember the brand but Costco has a good guacamole without sugar

Snyders gluten free pretzel sticks ( all the others had sugar)

Wine! As long as you’re not drinking moscato or some other super sweet or really cheap wine( they will sometimes add sugar to cheap wine because the grapes aren’t any good) there’s no added sugar

And the obvious fruits veggies, meats, eggs, cheese, pasta.

I’m sure I could make this list really even longer too. No Sugar does not mean deprivation. I don’t think I will continue with absolutely no Sugar after thanksgiving but I will treat it as more what it should be a treat instead of a diet staple.

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