Why I Don’t Want my Pre Pregnancy Body Back 

Getting your pre pregnancy body back after having a baby is a pretty big topic for new moms.  We worry about it ourselves, friends and family make comments, and society as a whole has this expectation that we get back to the body we had before getting pregnant.  And soon. And not just physically either but mentally and emotionally too.  It feels like there are constant reminders that we need our old bodies right away and this “new” body isn’t a good one.

Pre Pregnancy

Well, while I was guilty of this thinking before, I do not want my old body back.  My post baby body carries a few extra pounds, is less toned, and is complete with stretch marks and the memory of Dory, but I don’t want to get back my old body.  There was nothing wrong with the old version, but it hadn’t done anything spectacular. This body I have now has created, grown, and housed a new life.  When this life was ready to come into this world it labored and birthed this precious new life.  Now one year later, this body has nourished him through breast milk and cared for him with unwavering love I didn’t even know was possible.

39 weeks pregnant
42 weeks pregnant


This doesn’t mean don’t be fit and healthy.  I try to make it to the gym or at least maintain some level of active, and I try to eat pretty healthy.  The difference now is my thinking about it and reasoning for it.  It’s no longer a longing for what used to be, but an appreciation for what is and a desire to be my at my best so I can I can be the best mom and wife possible.
I will never get my body back and I never want to.  The power within this new one is too great.

One week postpartum
One year post baby

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