No Sugar November

I have a huge horrible sweet tooth.  Dessert is a major food group for me, and I cannot seem to end a meal, or have or start one for that matter, without sweets. It’s kind of ridiculous and incredibly unhealthy.  According to the American Heart Association the recommended upper limit for men is 37.5 grams and for women, 25 grams.  One Panera chocolate chip cookie puts me 5 grams over. Many yogurts have 20 or more grams of sugar, instant oatmeal packets 15, a protein or granola bar can easily have 10 or more grams.  Add some sugar to your coffee and you are doubling the recommended amount by lunchtime.  With sugar having zero nutritional value and being linked to so many diseases, it’s worth taking a second look at our consumption.  

The real problems with sugar are added sugars and the addictiveness of the sweet stuff. The naturally occurring sugar in fruit, dairy, grains and the like aren’t so much the problem.  It’s the sugar that is added to so much of the things that we consume.  Start reading your labels and everything has sugar.  Whole wheat bread, tomato sauce, peanut butter, waffles( before the syrup even!), etc, etc, etc. when they add sugar to everything it’s super easy to top your sugar limits, and your taste buds get so used to it it’s hard to go without.  

With the holidays quickly approaching comes cookies, pies, coffee drinks, and more.  It’s my absolute favorite time of year and I don’t plan on missing out, but I also know I need a bit of a health reset.  One year olds are selfish and take everything out you, so I need to keep up my health to try and stay a step  ahead of his energy stealing.   We already stay pretty active, though I would love to be more, and eat relatively healthy. I’m not giving up coffee or wine(one year olds like to take sanity too, so we have to keep the liquid sanity in the diet), so sugar it is.  

For the month of November up until Thanksgiving Daniel and I are going to be giving up all added sugar.  Absolutely nothing with refined sugar.  Fruit is fine, as is a little bit of honey here and there.  Well cap that at a tablespoon per day to be clear.  But refined sugar is 100% out.  Join the challenge with us and make that pumpkin pie even better on turkey day!! 

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