Elijah’s Sports Themed First Birthday

My little boy has already shown an interest in sports.  When he was a newborn he loved to just stare at he tv whenever football was on, and for the last few months every time we walk by the basketball courts at the gym he gets so excited.  He also has so much fun throwing his balls all over the place.  So naturally, sports fell in to place as his birthday theme.  We weren’t planning a huge party or anything, we’re here alone so it was just the grandparents coming in and a couple friends here making up the guest list, but I had to do something. 

That morning we went to a pumpkin patch.  Not sports themed, but fun anyway.  They had a lot of cute fall farm themed decor and activities including a corn box, tractor swing, pumpkins of course, a corn maze we didn’t do, and Elijah’s favorite the petting zoo.  Elijah’s other love in life so far is animals.  His first word is dog for his dog Allie, and pretty much every other animal gets excitedly called a dog.  This petting zoo had mini horses, big horses, goats, and some baby ducks.  Elijah loved it all, and I couldn’t believe how unafraid he was of all of it.  There was a huge horse that was very hungry and sort of pushy and even this guy didn’t seem to scare him. Me yes, but not my crazy little boy.


Anyway, on to the party.   I wanted to have a theme and some decorations even though it would be pretty small so I scoured Pinterest for some ideas for my sports theme and got to shopping and creating.

Party City has some pretty cool sports theme party products that I easily could have gone overboard on, but I went with a couple themed products and mostly just solid colors to create my sports.

My plates were green as the field, and my napkins were orange for fouls and yellow for penalty flags.  For snacks I had peanut butter filled pretzels for my footballs, popcorn for my baseballs, and round cheese puffs for my basketballs.


The main meal was Mac and cheese with various toppings.  I used this recipe for a crock pot Mac that was declicious.  I would probably only make this for special occasions because velveeta is terrible, but it was so easy and so good I am going to have to experiment with healthier options.

I created some memory/current stat boards to celebrate our little man.  For the monthly photos we came up with different sports terms for each month, and the chalk board didn’t end up being sports themed but had the stats and his loves and can dos.


I got Elijah his own personal cake to smash in to.  We expected him to go all in and eat so much cake, and he ended up doing more of a pick at the frosting.  We had to put him on the ground and smash into it for him before he got all dirty and caked up.


Elijah and my mom share a birthday, and Daniel’s is two days prior so I got a cake that was Rams themed for Daniel and a big cupcake for my mom so they had a little bit of celebration for them in the midst of the crazy one year old stuff.


Elijah got SO many great gifts!  We are all so appreciative of everything he got, and he loved to take the tissue out of the bags and pull the paper off of the gifts.  The toys are great, clothes are necessary,  but nothing beats tissue paper!


We are so thankful for the family and close friends who were able to celebrate our sweet little boy turning one.  Hopefully he will be able to look back at photos and our stories and smile at his first birthday later on in life.  For now, here comes toddlerhood!



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