Happy Birthday Elijah!! 12 month update 


We officially have a one year old.  How crazy is that?  My sweet, little boy has experienced a whole year of life, and what a crazy, beautiful year it was.

With all the birthday festivities we didn’t managed to get that 12 month photo in his chair, but here’s the usual stats anyway.

The stats:

Weight:  22.8 lbs. ( this is 15 lbs more than his birth weight)

Height: 29 in. ( estimate here, this one is a hard DIY and his Dr appt isn’t until next week.)

New Tricks:  He’s still not walking, but he’s getting faster with crawling and using absolutely everything as a walker!  I think this month was a lot of cognitive tricks learned. He figured out how to push a pull a lever in his book, start to put the shapes in his shape sorter, and use his spoon as more than a drum stick.  He has also developed quite the arm and loves to throw balls all over.

What have we been up to his month?:  

This month we moved his playroom into our dining room and moved the dining table to just off the kitchen.  This contains the mess a bit and is just overall safer for him.  Plus, if he’ll allow it then we can be in the kitchen doing dishes or cooking and still see him.
We did a lot of preparation for his birthday, and it was also balloon fiesta the week of his birthday.  He sort of liked the balloons in the sky, but definitely not enough for us to have braved all of the cold and traffic to get up close. Maybe next year.  Plus we had some pretty great seats just in our backyard.


Both sets of grandparents came out for his birthday and we went to a pumpkin patch and then had a little party for him that afternoon complete with so many gifts and a cake all his own to smash into.  The full party details are coming soon in a separate post!

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