11 Month Update

Wow, almost made it to one year! Time flies with this busy little boy! Here’s what we’ve been up to his last month!

Weight:  21.2 lbs
New Tricks:  Using the push toy to walk all over the place – and fast too! He’s stood by himself for a second or two too so I think walking might be in the one year update. We think dog is his first word.  He seems to say it every time he sees his Allie girl whom he loves! 

What we have been up to:  we went on a family vacation to the lake this month and had such a great time.  Elijah loved being in the woods and looking at the water, and showing off all his tricks to his grandparents. The only part he was not a fan of was the pontoon boat ride. The giant life vest just wasn’t his thing.  

Elijah has gotten (or at least started to get) 3 more teeth! Which means he has been a bit of a crabby patty and not sleeping still.  They sure make for an adorable smile though. 

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