On August 18th, 2017 we lost one of the kindest most beautifully spirited women.  Grace Carrier was my grandmother and at 84 years old she lost the battle with Alzheimer’s.  As I sit in the airplane on the way to her funeral I felt I should use the time to remember her and the things I can learn from and take away from her life.

Not once did I ever see my grandmother mad. Not at her grandkids, not at my mom, not at my grandpa, never.  She had the most patience that I have ever seen anyone have.  Me and my brother would spend weekends at their house and probably forget most of our manners and she would just follow us along with whatever we wanted to do cleaning up after our messes and laughing at our antics. These are grandparent privileges, to be the fun ones, but this woman went above and beyond just being grandma in her level of kindness and patience.

Helping my mom prepare a photo collage for today, I noticed something in those pictures of my grandma.  She was always dressed nicely and always had hair and makeup done. Even in the casual pictures she still looked beautiful, coordinated, and put together.  Now I know that’s not the most important thing in life and that’s not all she was, but I feel like it does say something to always try and look your best.  There is just an air of ease and confidence that comes with that that you don’t even have to try to have.  When we take some pride and priority in ourselves I feel like the rest just sort of follows.

A couple things I remember about my grandma were manners 101 she always used to say and teach us kids all while she was allowing us to be kids, and healthy eating and living with small indulgences.  Most of my grandparents meals were pretty healthy, and they walked a lot.  My grandma would walk their neighborhood early in the mornings and she frequented the mall for walking, shopping, and talking with her sister.  As for the small indulgences they always had ice cream in the house, would get donuts occasionally (though maybe this was just when we were around…), and had a couple of coffee cups of wine in the evenings.

The title of this post, whatever, is I guess what you could call my grandmas catch phrase, and the more that I think about it, the more I think it should be all of our catch phrase.  If something went wrong she said “whatever”. If someone critized her she said “whatever”.  If someone was doing or saying something a little out there, no judgement, just “whatever”.  Tried to boss her around, “whatever”.  In today’s fast paced information at the ready world, we sometimes get too concerned with others thoughts and judgements of us and our opinions, our own worries about what others are doing, too stressed when something small goes wrong, just overall too wrapped up in perfection and perception.  So from here on out I am choosing to channel my grandmothers spirit and make “whatever” my catch phrase and motto and I challenge you to do the same.  Take the criticisms and  judgements and say whatever.  When you feel yourself start to judge someone else’s life or choices that might be different than yours, stop and just say whatever. When you encounter a small failure (or a big one at that) say whatever, fix it, and move on.  I am choosing, and so should you, to allow whatever to be the light in my life and to not dwell on the things that I cannot control, but to just say whatever and fully enjoy and be fully greatful and present for the beauty and love in my life.

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