The laughable things I said before becoming a mom

There are so many things that you just can’t know about being a mom until you are one.  No one can truly explain the way it feels and even if they do, you can’t believe them until you experience it for yourself.  I think his had got to be some sort of evoloutionay protection of the human population so people do t opt out of parenthood, as well as a reward to us moms to feel what only a mom can feel.

1.  I don’t want kids. I can’t even fathom a life without my little stinks now.  The thought that I ever thought I didn’t want him breaks my heart

2.  I don’t have time.  Before I became a mom I really had nothing but time.  Time to sleep, go out to eat, work on projects, cook, gym… time time time for all of it and some to spare.

3.  Maternity leave will give me so much time for Christmas shopping and decorating, baby book filling out, lots of walks to lose the weight.. maternity leave in reality only gives you time to tend to the needs of your newborn baby.  Which is fine, but still funny I thought otherwise.

4.  You worry too much mom.  All I do is worry.  About everything. Every little thing I worry. All day long I worry.  Right now, I’m worried.

5.  Baby proofing is for parents who don’t pay attention to their kids.  I had no intentions on baby proofing anything because I thought I would just teach him the right things and watch him.  We still aren’t super crazy baby proofed, but there is only so much you can teach a baby and while I watch that little boy like he’s an oscar winning movie I do have to do things like eat, change clothes, find him clothes, get food ready, etc etc so having a few baby proofing measures in place just ensure me a few extra seconds to swoop him up out of trouble. 

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