10 Month Update


Elijah’s 10 month update is coming a little late because we have been so busy with our family vacation!  Our little man has been busy as usual this month, and here are the stats!


Weight:  21 lbs

New tricks:  Pulling himself up to stand on everything! He’s also cruising the furniture and using his play piano as a walker to get himself across the room!


What have we been up to?:  NOT sleeping!  Elijah has decided ‘this month that sleeping just isn’t his thing and has been up for 2-3 hours most nights. He is also getting a third tooth!  This one is on the bottom left next to the front two. Totally out of order but it’s adorable (if only it weren’t causing him so much trouble).  Auntie Abby made it out for a weekend visit in between summer and fall semesters and he had a blast with her.
Other than that, we’ve just been working away at our overtimes making for a pretty uneventful quick month!


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