9 Month Update

Elijah is nine months and has been SO busy this last month!!

The stats:

Weight:  20.0 lbs

Length: 28.25 in

New Tricks:

Crawling crawling crawling! Elijah is officially on the move! Somewhere around the middle of June he started to army crawl himself all over the place, and then July 1st he finally figured out how to move forward on his knees! Since then he’s been non stop! Also this month he learned how to sit himself up from laying down.  We had put him down for a nap which he wasn’t too thrilled about, and when we checked the monitor he was just sitting up in his crib!

Another new (and scary) trick he did was to make it up one of the stairs in the living room.  Needless to say we got the baby gate up pretty quick!

Nothing new in the talking department.  He’s still saying things like mama dada, but they are still just babbles and don’t actually mean anything yet, at least as far as we know. 

What have we been up to?

Daniel had his first Fathers Day at the beginning of the month – Elijah got him a football with his hand prints on it so as soon as he’s old enough they have a ball to throw, and we went to some friends’ house for a BBQ.

We had a whole week off together this month which was very much needed after 5 months of working opposite schedules to give us some good family time. We went to the aquarium, botanic gardens, a museum in Santa Fe, and most of all just had some relaxing quality time.


Oh and Elijah got his first haircut!!  I had such mixed feelings about getting it done. He’s my baby and something about cutting that baby hair just makes him seem so much older. But his hair was in his eyes and like 2 inches down his back and so many people were calling him a girl so it was time.  Unfortunately, he hated every minute but he looks so so handsome now.

Wow, I guess this was a busy month – first Fourth of July was also this month.  We watched the fireworks at a friends and Elijah slept through them.  I was pretty worried about how the night would go keeping him out past bedtime, but other than a little crankiness here and there we all had a great time.

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