Making the Most of a Staycation

Last week we did something that was pretty unlike us. We took a staycation.  We love to travel and do things and be busy, so when we have time off work we are always going somewhere.  This time though, since we just bought our house and have been on opposite schedules and not able to be in the house at the same time we figured we would just hang out and maybe get some projects done that have been lingering. 

That being said we were determined not to just waste away the week of work if we were going to take the time off.  A staycation can quickly turn into boredom and what feels like wasted leave from work if you don’t have a rough plan of your time.  A day or two beforehand we came up with a rough plan to our week so we made the most of our non traveling vacation.  

–  We planned for no plans:  our first day was our hang out get nothing done pool day.  The boys got haircuts( Elijah’s first!) and I got my nails done and we went out for breakfast and a late lunch and then just lounged in the pool the rest of the afternoon and evening.  SO important to take that rest time! – We got to work:  we planned two days for projects, one at the beginning and one at he end to tie up loose ends.  We had planned on doing a wood wall in the house for a while (more on that project later) so we finally got that going, and had a bunch of stuff that still needed to be hung up on walls that we finally got around to. 

– Stuff for the baby!:  Elijah gets one of us all the time, but not both of us very often, and it’s hard to take him to do all sorts of activities by myself so we took him to the botanic gardens and aquarium and later to the children’s museum.  He is starting to have so much more fun with things now, so taking him to these things is awesome! 

– Get a little bit out of town:  we went up to Santa Fe for the morning which is about an hour north of Albuquerque.  We didn’t do anything crazy, but it was cooler and it just felt good to have a slight change of scenery for a little while. 

Overall our staycation was a great time for us to catch up on things, relax, and most importantly get some good quality family time.  Out of town vacations can tend to get a little crazy with to do lists and so many new things to see, so a staycation can be the perfect way to get in some good bonding time with family.  

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