8 Month Update


Elijah is 8 months old and here’s what he’s up to now!

Weight:  18.8 lbs

New tricks:  

No major new tricks this month, but he is getting so much closer to crawling. He pretty much goes for it anytime we put him sitting on the ground (or bed or couch or counter) but those legs just keep slipping out from under him! He has started to inch himself forward on his belly AND he started to pull himself up in the couch just the other day!

Not really a trick, but he is getting his two bottom teeth! He was really upset and not sleeping well, and next thing I knew I felt something hard when he bit my finger.  These two little teeth have been causing trouble since they started to make their debut –  he has been drooling more than the mastiff and all that drool is causing a cough.  Hopefully they will come in all the way and stop causing trouble soon!

What we have done this month:  

I had my first Mothers Day and Daniel got me a book with a bunch of photos of us, and a card that was signed by Elijah’s feet and hands. I loved it so much and it’s going to be something to cherish forever.

We have been out walking so much this month in our neighborhood and the trail behind our house. We’ve walked to dinner and breakfast a couple times, and it has been so great to get outside!

This month we lost Silas.  He had something stuck again and they just weren’t able to fix him this time.  It was one of the saddest days for us.  We loved that boy so much and he brought so much happiness to our lives, and he loved Elijah.  He will forever be missed but watching over him, and us.

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