Lessons Learned from a 7 Month Old

It’s amazing how at just seven months there are so many important lessons Elijah has taught me.  He is always so full of life, love, and so unapologetically himself.  He has no idea he is teaching these lessons but nonetheless I am now forever an eager student to my young child and I think we could all benefit from a little learning from babies. 

Life Lessons from Elijah

1.  Body Image/confidence:  stick this kid in front of a mirror and oh boy will you get a smile.  He looks good all day and all night, he knows it, and he loves it.  It seems like everyone’s baby has a song or music genre that makes them happy and stop crying.  Elijah’s song is “You Look Good” by Lady Antebellum.  This song is playing pretty much nonstop in the car and it keeps him pretty happy (he’s also got a mirror on the seat headrest).  Now I know he probably doesn’t quite understand the words but I think there is still a lesson to be learned. 

 I frequently have the bad habit of looking in the mirror and thinking I do NOT look good all day and all night, especially after having a baby.  I could definitely stand to change my thinking a bit and give myself a smile when I look in the mirror. 

2.  He asks for help:  obviously not with words at this point, and being a baby I know he really can’t do anything by himself, but still for any of his needs he doesn’t hesitate to ask for us to meet those needs.  I have always been a pretty independent person.  I am not typically one to ask for help with much of anything. I just figure out a way to make it work and make it through which a lot of the time probably causes undue stress!  

Elijah asks for something and up we jump completely happy to help. ( Alhough I do wish he could start to figure out sleeping on his own some nights) I don’t have he same effect as a cute little baby, but maybe every task of life shouldn’t be done alone.

3.  A love and excitement for life:  Everything is new, beautiful, and exciting to him.  He loves to watch the trees outside, and he can sit on the floor and play knock down the block tower for forever. We come home from work and get the hugest smile. Our dogs just walk into the room wagging heir tails and he jumps around and laughs like it’s the greatest thing ever.  

I feel like especially as we get older we need more and more to entertain or make us happy that we forget to notice the small and simple things.   Were always looking for something more to make us happy when really just life and family are beautiful and enough.  

4.  Perseverance: If we take something away from Elijah and put it just out of his reach he will try and try and try to get it.  Right now he is trying to crawl.  He wants to move so bad and just can’t quite get it yet.  But everyday he rolls himself over and tries to push off those little arms and legs.  He grunts and breaths heavily, and sometimes he sweats from working at it so hard. Day in and day out he keeps trying, and he also keeps getting closer and closer to being mobile. (Scary!)  perseverance is a quality we are born with.  If not, we wouldn’t learn any of our basic life skills we take for granted as adults.  If we could apply this same quality of not giving up to aspects of our adult lives think of the potential we have to meet our goals. 

There are so many life lessons ahead for me to teach Elijah, but for now I am relishing in the ones he has been able to teach me in his short life so far. 

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