Traveling with a baby

Elijah had been on two trips so far. One was a road trip to Arizona for his uncle’s wedding and the other was a plane trip to California to visit grandparents and for our anniversary.  He was a total trooper for both trips which is awesome because we love to travel, and all of his extended family is outside of New Mexico so he will be doing lots of traveling in the future!  There were a few things we tried to do to make our trip a little easier on everyone.

– We travelled on his schedule (sort of). For our road trip we left at around 7:30pm which was just after Elijah went down to bed for the night.  We put him down like a normal night and then pulled him out half hour later and we were on our way.  He slept for pretty much the whole trip! Just one little wake up to eat.  

For our plane trip we left in the morning.  Elijah seems to be the happiest and most willing to cooperate in the mornings so this worked great for getting to the airport and through security, and then waiting to board the plane.  By the time we did all of this he was tired and ready for a nurse and nap right at takeoff which helped him to not have the painful ear popping. 

– Distractions! He definitely did not sleep the whole flight so when he did wake up we were ready with a few favorite toys to keep him busy, though the bag of peanuts ended up being the most entertaining thing for him. Which brings me to another point..

-Be flexible and resourceful! I think part of the reason it went well was because we were prepared for the worst but expected the best.  We had all of our extras – clothes,diapers, wipes, toys etc.  but we weren’t freaking out about nap schedule being off, feeding schedule being off, what if he poops on the plane, or screams the whole way because his ears hurt.  We just kind of roll with the punches and make the best of whatever delays we got and didn’t let it bother us too much.  

-The thing I was super worried about was flying with breast milk. You hear all sorts of horror stories about tsa not knowing the rules and throwing it away etc etc. but even that went totally smooth! I really think those bad situations are more of a rarity than the norm. I can say though that if the option to freeze it and take it frozen is there thats the way to go. It simply went through the X-ray machine and we were off.  In LA I didn’t freeze so we had to wait while they wiped the outside of the bags and put them in a machine of some sort. It was still totally fine, but if our flight wasn’t delayed and we were later or there was more of a line I would have stressed a little. Plus the less a stranger handles your milk the better. 

Last but not least have a glass of wine and a good laugh! 

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